8 reasons why you need a website for your service-based business

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Is having a website a need or a want?

In this day and age, having a website for service providers is becoming an essential part of business growth, whether it’s a start-up or an existing business. The majority of today’s client leads will first look up the company’s profile, portfolio, and services on the internet. And of course, Google has always been our best friend since its founding. Who else here does not know Google? (Well, I don’t know anyone!) But, apart from the basic company information that the client looks after, they also often investigate and base their decisions on aesthetics.

Of the billions of business owners around the globe, not all understand the value of having a website. Oftentimes, it’s taken for granted. A lot of cases are DIY website building. There is no doubt that the growing number of easy-to-drag and-drop platforms available assume the presumption that “we are able.” Although we are, for sure. However, not everything can be learned overnight. Between hiring a professional and DIY, most business owners would think they were able to save TONS, but in reality, you have actually doubled your expenses and wasted your time.

So why not hire a professional?

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Read on to find out why a service-based business should start building its website.

8 reasons why you need a website for your service-based business

1. Having a website helps enhance your business’s credibility and professionalism.

The pandemic sure hit the online world with a bang. It has increased the online demand and so does your online business presence. The “demand” gives you all the reason to have your own business website (if you still haven’t). If this does not convince you not to have one, you’re missing out on a lot.

A compelling and well-developed website helps a business stand out in this vast digital space. People trying to inquire about service-based businesses would find them more credible and legitimate if they could see their well-designed websites.

An effective website clearly illustrates all about the company: its mission and vision; portfolio; services; and how it can help potential clients become leads. More importantly, a clear call-to-action which aids in leading to taking actionable steps.

2. People use the search engine often.

How many times a day do you browse on your phone, tablet, or laptop? May it be on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, we’re all guilty of browsing through our gadgets and doing some research. 

Given the technology’s convenience and comprehensive results, it is no doubt we spend most of our time on the internet.

Research shows that around 93% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine. The same trend could be said in service-based businesses, as many customers today prefer online appointments over on-site due to the health pandemic.

So why wait? Take advantage of what the online presence can do to help your business grow to its fullest potential.

3. Brand awareness

Another benefit of having a website is the brand visibility you can cater to. Consider a brand that can reach a global audience, allowing your company to reach a larger audience.

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4. Opportunities Abroad

One of the revolutionary contributions of the internet is its ability to break barriers and allow for easier and broader access to the global market. A website paves the way for prospective customers worldwide to navigate your services clearly.

For example, a business owner that offers services like website design in the Philippines could outsource their job to a client from the Middle East. Apart from services, a website could also be the way for suppliers and business-to-business contract agreements to form, which could ultimately help level the company’s competitiveness.

5. Accessibility

Have you tried googling a specific product or service? If so, have you noticed the difference between a business with a website and those that do not have one? If not, you will be surprised by the difference between the two. Here’s why:

Having a website on your own allows you to be flexible and can help your business rank at the top of the search engines. Top it off with proper SEO management, which can help you rank. On the other hand, a business without a website limits your actionable steps to being visible in the online world.

6. It acts as a data center.

A website can serve as a data centre for service-based businesses with a large number of employees and customers. Basically, a website eases the process of storing, sorting, and presenting information in a way that is ultimately beneficial for heavily data-driven businesses.

Moreover, websites streamline the procedure of booking an appointment and changing schedules, further satisfying the ideals of prospects.

7. Low Cost Per Impression

The cost per impression refers to the total amount spent to make a certain number of impressions – the count of digital users who viewed your page.

The cost of developing and maintaining a website depends on the site’s complexity, but many affordable web development services are available now. While the principal amount may seem a lot, its value and benefits extend for a long time.

We can say that the initial amount can be amortized over a certain period. For instance, if we’re making 40,000 impressions a year and our time frame is three years, we can divide the cost of establishing a website over that period. After that, costs (like web hosting) would be low, so the cost per impression would be lower.

8. Positive Return on Investment

The business naturally involves risks and requires capital to start. But did you know that having a website requires a small amount of capital and is a beneficial tool to take that capital back. 

As mentioned earlier, having a website increases the chances of getting leads. The increased online presence raises the potential for sales, which, if the operations are executed well, could convert to a positive ROI.

A website is a type of investment whose benefits outweigh the cost, depending on one’s ability to sustain its operation. A website increases a business’s sales potential and customer engagement, which are essential components for professionals or service-based businesses that are thriving in the market.

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