SEO 101: Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

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Did you know that you don’t have to be a professional to execute an SEO? That’s right! With all the available tips online, I’m sure you can kick start your Website in no time! But wait, It’s not like a car that when you start the engine, it’ll just keep running. You have to be patient and consistent. Because SEO is hard work. At DaBasics Web Design, we can help you build and get started with your SEO journey.

It’s 2020, and we are in the digital world for decades. From just ‘want’ and now becoming a ‘need,’ especially during these challenging times of experiencing the pandemic from Covid-19. 

It has now become a necessity for communication, news, entertainment, and selling. Billions of people are on the world wide web, and being noticed is such an overwhelming task to take on, 

but wait! Don’t lose hope! Even though billions of people are on the internet, you can still be noticed. It doesn’t work like magic, but it sure will work like magic when done right and with lots of patience! Some pay professionals to do the trick for a faster result but still undergo the same process. So the question is, how do you get noticed in the digital world without getting your pockets empty?

Imagine this. Imagine you are a spider creating your house. Look at how each web is interconnected to perfection. It is intricately weaved by thousands of lines made of their silk, and all are linked to each other. Got the picture? That’s how SEO works. Looks complicated? Nahhhh… It’s hard work and patience.

A woman writing SEO friendly blog content
Consistently create fresh and relevant content related to your niche through blogging!

1. Make a blog​

Remember, building good SEO takes time and consistency. Don’t give up! 

Sound underrated but you have to create content consistently to drive traffic. And one of the plausible ways is through BLOGS! BLOGS! BLOGS! Of course, relevant blogs.

It doesn’t have to be techy and use highfalutin words. All you need is a keyword you want your blog to rank on, at least 600 to 1200 minimum word count, relevant content, and easy to read!

So when deciding on a blog topic, you ask yourself this. ‘Is the blog I’m creating related to my website?’ ‘Is it relevant?’ If yes, do it! If not, look for other topics that are related.

It’s like searching for the parts of a car inside a clothing store. It doesn’t make sense, right? So when your Website is all about clothing, go for topics like fashion, designs, men wear, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, keywords are the words people type on the search engine to look for something. So you have to identify the keywords that they typically look for related to your niche. For example, fashion designer, designer clothing near me, and so on.

Image of how to write your ALT text for SEO
Describe your image through Alt-text.

2. Rename your Alt image

So you got your content ready, what’s next?

Admit it or not, visual plays a big role to catch your audience attention. And more often, no matter how good your content is, you might just be skipped when you have no images to break the ice.

Choose relevant images, add them to your blog, and name your alt image.

How do you name an alt image?

Alt text or Alternative Text or also known as alt attribute are used to describe what your image is about. It helps those people with disabilities understand what the photo represents by voice activation. It will also be displayed whenever the image does not load properly on the browser.

Having a proper Alt image enable the search engine to crawl and index your images in their appropriate direction, and that’s a plus point for SEO!

Instruction overview guide on how to install and activate SEO rankmath plugin
Install SEO plugin to help you build and set up your SEO structure.

4. Install SEO plugins like RankMath

Ranking on top of the search engine is more than just creating blogs. Some skyrocket without dropping a sweat, but it’s a one in a billion chance. How lucky are you?

Better not rely on luck, instead, let’s make our own luck!

Relevant contents are the bread and butter of SEO but setting it up is another story. It involves, setting up H tags, appropriate schema, etc. But wait, your developer can do it for you!

At Dabasics Web Design we have the appropriate tool to help you set up your website pages. We use one of the best SEO plugin tools, RankMath. It’s the perfect plugin that grades your SEO to help you a good quality content that is SEO-friendly.

Remember, no tools can rank you as a wand can do. And no matter how good your plugin is, if not correctly utilized, is nothing but junk. Learn the Basics, practice, and use the tools to your advantage, and you’ll be surprised how it can tremendously impact your website’s traffic.

The key to SEO success is CONSISTENCY.

So instead of whining, “I can’t do this” and “it’s too complicated,” “It’s only for SEO Expert,” etc… JUST DO IT or seek a professional who can. At DaBasics Web Design, we offer basic SEO assistance to help you build your online visibility. Schedule an appointment today!